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Department of Health and Human Services

The federal department responsible for protecting the health of all Americans.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The federal agency responsible for administration and oversight of the Medicare and Medicaid Programs.


Hypoglycemia Protocol

Gvoke HypoPen Info Sheet

Novel Alzheimer Disease Treatments and Reconsideration of US Pharmaceutical Reimbursement Policy

FDA Approves First Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine for Individuals Aged 60 and Above

Evidence-based Strategies for Promoting Physical Activity among Older Adults: A Report from the US Department of Health and Human Services

Association between Aspirin Intake and Increased Anemia Risk in Elderly: A Secondary Analysis from ASPREE Trial

Addition of Aripiprazole or Bupropion Improves Treatment-Resistant Depression in Older Adults: A Clinical Trial Study

Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week Infographic

Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week 2023 – TD Fact Sheet

Antibiotic De-escalation Opportunities for Residents in ALFs

Mental Health Resource Library and Community-PsychU

Abelacimab for Prevention of DVT

Deprescribing Blood Pressure Treatment in LTC Residents

MEMO – COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

COVID Vaccination Schedule and CMS Ruling

New Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations (Feb 2022)

PDP Pocket Guide

CPh Recommendation Tools for Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (PDP)

Documentation and Monitoring Tips Brochure for PDP

PDP Screening Documentation Tool

PDP Nursing Care Plan

PDP Education Flashcard

Psychotropic Medication Quick Reference Guide

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